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The growth and reach of Amazon has conditioned us all to no longer see online ordering solutions as a luxury, but rather as an essential part of doing business. And with that we have certain expectations in terms of speed, performance, personalization, and mobile connectivity.

That’s why Miles Printing offers S.M.A.R.T. Storefronts to its customers. SMART stands for “savvy marketing available real-time” and that is simply what it is. 

At Miles, we build your online store just the way you need it. We can interface with your current website or we'll build one from the digital ground up, making it smart and simple for your customers and/or employees to place orders securely.

Often used in conjunction with on-demand printing, our online ordering system offers a simple browser-based interface to easily order customized print collateral or shipment of your inventory. Utilizing a web portal created by us to your exact specifications, you can create customized print pieces on the fly, instantly view and approve proofs, and place your order using a familiar shopping cart interface. Products, kits, specialized offering, as well as reporting access can be customized to login permissions. We can also create a catalog of on-demand or inventory items to efficiently distribute your product anywhere in the world.

Examples include:

  • Sales force literature customization and fulfillment
  • Direct mail program execution
  • Inventory management and fulfillment services
  • Business card and stationery imprinting and distribution

Keep Up the Good Work!

Ron Kutrieb CEO, SafeDose Pharmacy

Thanks for sending this over. I think your team has put forth an excellent effort and product. I understand that there is some additional video and the new testimonial to be added by next week. I look forward to seeing it. I'm also very interested in observing the impact that the site will have in connection with the various outreach efforts we have been discussing. Keep up the good work!

With a storefront or e-Commerce solution from Miles, all of your brand communications are just a click away. And that's just smart.

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