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Every good brand communicator understands the value and pivotal role data play’s in marketing today. That is why you will find a world-class data technology department at Miles Printing. From secure data transfer to secure data-handling systems and processes; from variable data-driven print and web solutions to data-driven marketing funnels, Miles Printint has the experience, know-how, and technology to make data work for you and your brand communications.

It starts with the transfer of data in the most secure form possible. That’s why we have partnered with Indiana’s own SmartFile. SmartFile is a file management solution that enables users to more securely share, manage and control files on-premise and online. SmartFile offers the best and most robust file access permissions and custom user roles for added security. The combination of the handling processes of our ISO 9001: Certified QMS and SmartFiles SOC2 certified data services provides all of the confidence that some of the largest pharmaceutical, financial, governmental, and educational institutions need to transfer their confidential data to Miles Printing 24/7.

Since the beginning of commerce, business owners have understood the power of remembering details about their customers to boost sales and build loyalty. Today’s technology allows savvy marketers to harness the power of data to target customers and personalize messaging like never before. Instead of segmenting their prospects and delivering them all the same message, brand communicators can now create campaigns that are a segment of one— delivering marketing materials that appear unique to the individual. And this isn’t just limited to print. Variable data can also deliver personalized websites, with content specifically targeted for and to the user. This is the power of one-to-one marketing. And it is a power that the variable data pros at Miles Printing leverage on behalf of their clients daily.

And with FunnelDriver, Miles’ marketing funnel service, customer’s can leverage marketing data to drive volume and velocity into their sales and marketing funnels, while optimizing their marketing budgets.

Keep Up the Good Work!

Ron Kutrieb CEO, SafeDose Pharmacy

Thanks for sending this over. I think your team has put forth an excellent effort and product. I understand that there is some additional video and the new testimonial to be added by next week. I look forward to seeing it. I'm also very interested in observing the impact that the site will have in connection with the various outreach efforts we have been discussing. Keep up the good work!

Whether it's using data to drive one-to-one marketing solutions or just to drive results, you can leave the driving to our data technology team at Miles Printing.

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